We don't make food, because cooking is best left to cooks. What we do is make ordering-out as easy as possible. We hook you up with the food delivery options you crave, whenever you need it most.
Some stuff is really hard to package and deliver. Soup. Some stuff don't travel well. Fountain Drinks. Just ask us in the Contact section. If we can we will.
We dont deliver soft drinks in cups to avoid spilling and the problems associated with that. If you order beverages you'll get it in cans or bottles for easy delivery.
We pickup your food and immediately put it into the insulated food delivery bag. We deliver it straight to your home from the restaurant. Delivery people never open your order or look at it. Its just as the restaurant made it.
We charge a basic fee for the first 3 miles and then a small amount for additional miles. Different restaurants are different distances.
Call Mr. Sudeb Biswas the Admin Head @ Kushiin.com. 9064911842 Or better yet, use the Contact Us link and we will help you out!